Where We Belong

by Passengers

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6 Song EP


released September 17, 2012

Recorded/Mixed by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations
Mastered by Bill at Azimuth Recordings



all rights reserved


Passengers Maryland

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Track Name: Bound by Blood
Mother how dare you
Buying into this bullshit
Raising me like this
And to everyone else:
Such weak excuses for men
I thought you were better than this
Claiming your cruelty free plate
won’t make a fucking difference
Mad at me for sticking by things I believe in
This is what I believe in
It’s a matter of selflessness
It’s a matter of self-discipline
It’s a matter of intelligent argument
I will not stand for this
Bound by Blood
You’re just bound by blood
Please don’t
You can see it in their eyes,
we need compassion from both sides
I know you have it in your heart
Though they caught you at birth,
crammed these ideas down your throat
How can you know what’s right,
if it’s never been wrong
How can you know what’s right,
if this is how it’s never been wrong
Bound by blood
You’re just bound by blood
Track Name: Heat Storm
Thunderstorms force life into these palms
I’m walking down my street
The water stings my lungs are burning
Take off my hat and jacket
Wash my mind clean
This is the first time I’ve felt something
since we left in pieces
Since we left each other Fucked - Blahblahblah
Forget your face but I cannot forget your name
Yeah, I’m drinking Maalox like whiskey
Still sifting like a dog through shit
Not much has changed since I last spilled my guts
Not much has changed, still breaking my own heart
And the hardest of times Are the hardest of times
And this spirit of mine is an example for no one
Searching for myself
Searching for that feeling of winter
The frost changes my mind
She saves me every time.
I’m learning to let go -I’m ok in the cold
When winter comes we beg for summer
When summer comes we wish for winter
Helps us look forward - Helps us get by
My winter and I are inseparable
We cling with matched frost bitten fingers
Hold tight like I’m losing a lover
Seasons change me inside
I’m ok in the cold.
Track Name: Father's Day
He says: “My darling
These dreams are all I’ve got
I’ll strive to accomplish them all till the day I die
Till I rot
Everything I’ve owned will be yours
Do your father a favor- keep your dreams alive
Chase what’s left, make up for the ones you forgot
Sometimes I feel sad for you
Though I’m proud of you
Life’s been hard on me but it’s being harder on you”
It’s this twitch in my face
It’s a dead give away
My thoughts are never quiet
I’d do anything to have this go away
I still want to cry everyday
I still think about
Killing myself
And I haven’t told him yet.
Its nights like these I wonder
Would it be easier?
Would it be harder?
Am I strong enough?
It’s just a pill a day.
To make it go away
This isn’t safe
No this isn’t a safe place.
Track Name: The Gold Price
Fuck your competition
Your selfishness
Hard work to stay on top
Most of us still think this will all pay off
How can I get ahead?
At the expense of someone else?
Of their family?
These trying hearts,
they deserve nothing less than me
I’m tired of working the same old shifts
And working the same old shifts
Nothing’s more wasted
Than the time already spent
Making pennies for my essence
Turning profits for some unknown face
We earn this living
At the cost of living
This is the rest of your life
Feed me.
Track Name: Where We Belong
Noose made from my own skin
Everyday it slowly tightens
Free me from this place I hate
No more.
Track Name: Animal
How could I ever fucking forget
That early morning when I lost all respect
For anyone from the opposite sex
Sometimes I feel like that
Here’s my story
The feeling still clings to me
Like that shitty blanket and those dirty sheets
Like the puke in my throat as I snapped out of it
In hysterics
Grabbed my shit and drove away
We all have inner animals
Disguised as a good time
To indulge in the innocence of others
An innocence I’ll never get back
How did this become the norm to socialize?
To hide behind intoxication
Support an industry that condones what happened to me
It took years to cleanse my body
I hope it haunts him every day
But I know it doesn’t
So fuck you, drink up
And take what you want